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Buying a House

A radon search is included in the conveyancing searches undertaken by a Solicitor acting on your behalf.   If the property is located within a radon affected area you should consider the following:

  • Ask the current owner if they have undertaken a 90 Day Radon Test Report
  • If they have:  ask for a copy for your records (radon reports are valid for 10 years)
  • If they have not: request a 7 Day Screening Radon Test to obtain a snapshot of radon levels within the property.  Request a “retention” to be agreed between both parties & held for a period of approx 12 months.  This will enable you to undertake a 90 Day Radon Test when you move in.   If the results are above the action level the retention sum will be used to mitigate the radon issue.   If the results are below the action level the money will be paid back to the seller,    A retention sum may not be suitable if the new owner is planning on carrying out building works or not moving into the property straight away.

Selling a House

To ensure that the sale of the property runs smoothly and is not held up,  undertake a 90 Day Radon Test prior to putting the house up for sale or start the test as soon as you decide to sell or purchase a 7 Day Radon Test to give you an indication of the radon levels with the property.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.

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