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Our detectors are validated by UK HSA & have been designed to meet the highest professional standards.  With over 30 years experience providing radon test kits, we have a proven track record within the UK Radon Industry.

box of 10nr detectorsOur detectors are track-etch open device using Kodak LR115 film & provide extremely accurate results. It has a hinged holder mechanism enabling it to be open or closed.

There are many features unique to the Volalpha radon detector:  It is compact in size and easily affixed  by the self-adhesive pad on the reverse.

The film sensitivity in our radon monitors  is unique,  the sophisticated software used in our laboratory provide accurate results.  They are the only product on the marker that read the radon particles whilst  in the open position,  which means they do not have to be placed within 3 days of receipt .   They have a 2 year shelf life (storage conditions apply) which can assist commercial clients working on large testing projects.

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