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21st April 2015

WHO Handbook on indoor Radon. A Public Health Perspective

Radon gas exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Epidemiological studies have provided convincing evidence between indoor radon exposure and lung cancer. This handbook is full of detailed information and recommendations to how the risk of…

23rd January 2015

Radon gas: The silent killer in the countryside

Some of our best-loved beauty spots conceal a deadly hazard. Who’s at risk? Driving across the border from Somerset into Devon you pass a sign by the side of the road. “Warning: You are now entering a radioactive area,” it…

13th January 2015


1. INTRODUCTION “Radon the silent killer is blamed for 1 800 cancer deaths a year” (Daily Mail 1998). This dramatic statement in the Daily Mail was typical of the reports carried on Tuesday, 19 May 1998, in the majority of…

9th January 2015

Cancer Reasearch UK Air pollution, radon and cancer

    Radon Radon is a natural radioactive gas that can increase the risk of lung cancer. When inhaled, it can change into other radioactive chemicals that can be left behind in the lungs. Radon is found in the air…

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